Booyabase Collective and Booyablog

Booyabase is an artcollective consisting of graphic designer/artist Remko Koopman (Leiden, 1974) and painter Tamme de Boer (Surhuisterveen, 1974). Both artists have strong roots in hiphop and graffiticulture and have been active as streetartists since 1987. Booyabase Collective was formed in the summer of 2006 in The Netherlands. The name Booyabase is slang for ‘Bouillabaisse’, a famous French fishstew. A traditional soup created by fishermen who go at sea at dusk to catch all kinds of fish and other creatures of the sea. At the start of their journey they never know exactly what they’ll catch. At dawn the fishermen return home with all kinds of ingredients. Its then up to the chefcook to create a ‘masterpiece booyabase’ based upon a secret family recipe. Booyabase is used as a metaphor for ‘mixing and combining’ all kinds of ingredients and different disciplines in the fields of graphic design, painting, murals, music and dance.

For more information and examples of projects created and initiated by Booyabase Collective visit their website (the website is in Dutch) here.

Also, check out the Booyabase Collective Blog AKA BOOYABLOG (in English) here.

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