World release of the first book about Argentinean graffiti, made by the author Maximiliano Ruiz (Buenos Aires)

• Old School
• Graffiti in the City
• Vandals: Bombs; Tags; Trains; Political Paintings
• Off the Wall: Sketches; Canvas; Designs

Graffiti Argentina is the first book about the local graffiti scene, which in the last few years has become one of the most original and recognized in the world. This book traces the story of Argentina’s vibrant but little-known graffiti scene in four parts – from the efflorescence of graffiti in the 1990s and artists’ city escapades, to the underground use of tags, train graffiti and political paintings, and the sketches and designs that have come off the street to influence the whole visual culture of this exciting country.”

• Argentina boasts one of the most original national graffiti scenes in the world – the product of a unique mixture of influences.
• Told entirely from an insider’s perspective through the words of the key players.
• Dazzling designs, bursting with artwork from a whole host of graffiti artists including Jazz, Nerf, Caru, Imaq, Crayfish and Dam,
as well as the renowned Brazilian twins Os Gemeos.
• Traces the development of graffiti in Argentina through the years in four parts.
• Showcases unique Argentinean styles, including Jazz’s use of 3D versions of ‘Filete’ (drawings that are derived from the culture
of tango), and Caru’s abstract paintings.
• This  is  a  collaboration  between  the  Argentinean  film director  Maximiliano Ruiz,  who conducted the interviews with the featured artists, and three talented graphic designers – Pauline Aubry, Damián E. Regazzoni and Jorge Córdoba.

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