Hawaiian Premiere!

Come check out the BOMB IT Hawaiian premiere @ 7 this Saturday at the Thirtyninehotel in Honolulu, HI!

For more on the screening and venue click here.

Also, make sure to read about the screening in the Hot Picks section of this week’s Honolulu Weekly.

Now, Hawai’i is one of only four U.S. states that does not allow billboards, so we are not quite as subject to the “corporate graffiti” the writers in the film protest. But in trying to maintain that ad-free dignity, Hawai’i can relate to this subversive subculture that dares not only to question capitalism, but to act upon it. Without graffiti, they say, the only voice in urban areas would be advertisements.

Whether you are experienced or not on the subject of graffiti, BOMB IT is guaranteed to get your gears turning.

See the entire Honolulu Weekly article here.

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