Thunderdog in Brazil: Brothers in Arms


“Brothers in Arms” – THUNDERDOG urban artists –

5 Artists from around the world, trapped in Brazil for 1 week.
It’ll be like a “tour” when five top artists from USA and Europe will “explore” the opportunities in Brazil, starting from Rio de Janeiro, then going to Minas Gerais and to Sao Paulo.

On August 13th, at Odorico Bar (Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 31 – Botafogo, phone: 21 2266-3773), there’ll be a night of autographs on books and toys.

The next two days, some graffiti paint.

On August 14th there’ll be a workshop going on the “Galpão Aplauso” NGO at Rua General Luiz Mendes de Moraes, nº50, Santo Cristo ( where some art students will be involved.

On August 15th, with the agreement of the neighbors, some selected walls from the Cantagalo Community in Ipanema are waiting for them to get colored…

The Thunderdog crew

Tristan Eaton from NYC – The artist behind the art toy – responsible for the design of the Munny, Dummy and all Kid Robots, etc.) –

123 KLAN from France –

Kid Acne from England – Who is also a rap singer –

David Flores from Los Angeles –

Stephan aka Calma from Sao Paulo –

Visit these sites for more info:
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