Anti-Mag’s Interview with Jon Reiss

Jon Reiss is an aficionado of the underground. You can see it in his films, he roots for the guyswho have to fight for their culture. He showcases the underground, finding heroes within it’s realms but never really exploiting the culture. When asked how he felt about graffiti after the documentary, he replied,

“Street art and graffiti are visual freedoms of speech especially when the art is good. It helps enliven a society for those people who rarely go to galleries and museums, it is provides a little life for a city.”

Why is Bomb It! so gosh darn good? Well, there are many reasons for this. One of the mainonesbeing the fact that Jon explores the cultural and socio-political reasons for the art worldover. He’s interviewed writers from New York to Barcelona to South Africa. It’s interesting to see howAmerican graffiti writers compare and contrast with the rest of the world and each other. It’s profoundly clear the motivation which inspires these individuals to “get up”. When Lady Pink speaks from her New York roots as opposed to LA’s DJ Lady Tribe, its apparent that these two are coming from two very different worlds. Aesthetically, the differences are clear, but culturally, socially, and politically, they are widely varied.

See the entire Anti-Mag article here

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