Bomb It in XXL

The Bomb It DVD is reviewed in the May issue of XXL magazine!  Get yourself a copy at newsstands everywhere now!

From XXL:

“For those who feel that graffiti is some sort of half-assed art form, the DVD Bomb It goes the extra mile to educate the viewer on all aspects of this particular form of personal expression. From the mode’s infantile stages in late 60’s Philly, to its cultural explosion in ’70s and 80’s New York, to its modern association with the L.A. gang scene, the film meticulously explains all the key figures and moments associated with graffiti art.

Taking it a step further, Bomb It also examines the impact that bombing has had on international locales like Paris and Capetown and goes on to document the rebellious and political aspects of the culture. The film excels at giving the viewers an insider’s look into the challenges that graffiti artists face (dangerous locations, police threats, etc.) and how to stay relatively safe. Interestingly enough, it also gives balanced face time to vigilante groups and law enforcement officials hell-bent on disrupting graffiti artists.

The 93-minute film feels long and drags on with redundancy at times, but overall, it’s an intriguing look at a culture that, while acknowledged by the general public, still retains an underground and occasionally mysterious energy. Extras: Director’s commentary, extended interviews and more.

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