Rails n Relics

Rails and Relics Show -November 3rd, ’07  5-11pm -Downtown Los Angeles

The Ghetto Mansion
2225 South Olive st. Los Angeles, CA 90007 $5 cover charge
This is a freight show featuring some of the early pioneers of freight train graffiti, as well as many of the current heavy hitters. All artwork relates to the railroad, and the main feature of the show are model trains painted with original artwork from the artists. there will be food and drinks, a fat vendors booth, and free giveaways for the first 30 people.

Here are some of the artists featured in the show: Adge Apart Arek Base Big5 Blitz Bus166 Chunk Clown Con Daks Dove Duke Esk31 Faves Fear GSouth Harsh-FS,Network Hash-TLT Hate Jaber Jase Jero Just195 Katch King157 Kools Loyer Meca-WH Meex Mers-CBS Necro Prae Ricks-SAC Sento Ser-YR Sike-FU Smash Stae Stak Such Vynal Wink Zen BA Crew Fr8 Gang Fr8 Unit ICR Crew Rail X Rockers Skate All Cities

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