Oslo Audience Reaction

Here’s a post from someone that got pretty inspired from our screening at the Oslo Film Festival! The original post is attached to the Oslo Film Fest blog – but I felt this deserved to be pulled out and be made part of the blogroll.

“Hi Jon! Thank you for this film and as I said to you in person, this film IS the bomb! While watching it I just felt so many positive emotions just rushing through me and I had to concentrate not to shout out loud of all the exitement I felt running through my veins. Street art is truly revolution, it’s the truest way of taking back what belongs to us, the people, the citizens of the society and not the companies with their advertisement that Think that they own it because they make up the rules of what is allowed and what’s not.
Afterwards I was just shaking, every emotion in me wanted to come out and they made my legs wiggel, my hands clap and my mouth going in 250 km/h just saying “fy fan vad bra det var” (damn, it was good) over and over again. Every corner my eyes spotted was a newborn, potential canvas and just today I took/stole/borrowed for uncertain time from my work ALOT of white stickers to start my own revolution.
So mostly, I want to say thank you because your film and ofcourse the people in it influed me in so many ways. I’ve been looking for somekind of revolution to make mine, and even though I’ve been doing a little bit of street art before your film truly inspired me and showed me what the true revolution is all about and it’s world wide even though under the ground.


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