Planet Progress Show

As Berlin is always coming up with fresh shows that push the boundaries of what street art is the Planet Progress show is having its finale party in Berlin. If you are in Berlin be sure to check it out.

Here’s the details we got from a friend at the show:

Hello everybody,

if you are in Berlin and if you have time – feel invited to visit the big FINAL of the street art exhibition PLANET PROZESS ( ). The concept of an permanently changing Exhibition comes to the end and will be celebrated with a big street-party.

The process of the changing of our piece of art the PUPLIC INNERSPACE (an installation in form of an appartment) is documented and will be presented in front of it. ”

Wann / When: Samstag den 11.08.2007 ab 14.00 Uhr
Wo / Where: Cuvrystr. 2-3, Berlin Kreuzberg

Eintritt frei / Free entry

Here’s a statement from the show:

The “ordinary” urbanite acts rather reserved in public space. He is
considerate of his fellow men to not bother them. He doesn`t throw trash on the street either he cleans it away. Visually he stays on the sideline, too. Except a few things on one’s own property or jobs, he leaves the arrangement of his
surrounding area to others. Instead he likes to ask questions like: “Are you
doing this at home, too?”.

We, street artists and graffiti writers, act contrary. Unquestioned and
arbitrary we feel free to redefine the visual image of “our” cities with paintings
and installations.

A central idea of the street art exhibition PLANET PROZESS is the
communication between “active” and “passive” townspeople. This thought
provides the basis of our work of art. We are stunned about the difference
between the normal inhabitant`s slack motivation compared to our own
strong motive force to actively participate in the urban space. We do believe
that 90% of all people design, redesign, clean and repair their own
apartments and houses. Thats why we offer this installation in form of an
apartment as an open public area, as a playground for the visitor`s
(re)configuration and design. The place is decent furnished, less decorated
and not occupied. We give this to the general public and invite all to use it,
to look after it,to change it, to throw socks in the nooks and to hang up a
picture, to cook and to celebrate in, but above all – to vitalize it !

From the 20.07.2007 to the 11.08.2007 we will stay totally in the
background, we are not going to intervene the event in any manner.
“Puplic inner space” is a work by PEGASUS, PONY-G, EHSO, ROGER and


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