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Here’s what the NY SUN had to say about Bomb It in a review of select films at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival:

Jon Reiss’s whirlwind tour of legible landscapes hits New York, Paris, Capetown, Sao Paulo, and Los Angeles, pumping to a can’t-stop eclectic soundtrack that spans electric funk and endearingly awful French lounge techno. Local artists, some masked, offer a panoply of international styles, architectural canvases, and street philosophies.

“Bomb It” also elucidates a dazzling irony. Graffiti’s organic urban culture, forged in the 1970s, has essentially been succeeded today by corporate billboards and screens, which also scrawl all over building surfaces. Here then is a landscape film that hands you a new model for looking at New York’s tangled mediascape — a fitting selection for a festival looking to make its mark on an ever-changing city.

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