Infiltrating Apple

So Apple computer hosted a rocking party last night at their Soho location in NYC to welcome all the filmmakers to the Tribeca Film Festival.AppleParty.jpg
We had to get our street campaign started and got inspired to do a little digital graffiti. Our super secret ninja loaded up our trailer on to the desktops of all the beautiful Apple computer displays and we had our trailer looping at the party. It was hot! Check out the lil phone movie here.


DJ Jazzy Jeff was on the turn tables and Mad Skillz was busting out the rhymes. Both stars were mad cool and gave us lots of love and support. Even the dancing Gumby there got stuck with our stickers.

John Hodgman, Mr. PC in all the great Apple ads and commentator on the Daily Show, came down too. I got a little carried away and slapped him with a big fat BOMB IT kiss. We’ve always had a lot of love for the underdog…
Yup, it was one big love fest. Thank you Apple for inspiring us filmmakers to use the tools you’ve given us to turn things up side down and take control. We gotta say we love your products and couldn’t imagine how we’d go about creating our subversive acts without them.

-Tracy Wares

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