Inspire is a Tel Aviv-based street artist who has been living and working in Israel for over seven years. While it is difficult to be a graffiti artist in Israel without being overtly political, this is one of Inspire’s goals. His art reflects the incredible vibration of Israel on the one hand, while also demonstrating that Tel Aviv is an “open wound on the face of this earth.” The focus of his art is to ameliorate that suffering and inequality with his signature series of sunflowers, which are designed to evoke an environment of free thought.

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  1. photo grafix says:

    INSPIRE ONE is also the first graffiti artist in Jerusalem! An amazing person and true inspiration to all! A true modern-day hero and champion of self-determination…iam always checking what graffiti / street art works he blogs from around the world @ The art shows that the INSPIRE Collective curates are one of a kind events:
    Recently found one of INSPIRE’s new flickr accounts up @

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