¿Dónde está/ Ce Qui Es/ What is Babelgum?

Now a days with our heads being filled at unbelievable speeds with information from the internet its hard to keep up. I mean you’d have to be Bruce Almighty to digest everything. Internet TV is no different you’ve got: Hulu, Fancast, ABC, NBC, FOX, ITV, BBC, SKY – and thats just a few.

Babelgum is a bit different than those because it focuses on indie film and music, comedy, urban culture, nature and the environment, presented through the five channels Film, Music, Comedy, Metropolis and Our Earth. Its all professionally produced content, no homemade movies here – thats what YouTube is for. On Babelgum its the assortment of producers that makes it the ultimate place to learn, have a bit of a laugh, whatever your fancy!

Bomb It! the first film is on Babelgum – Check it out under the Metropolis Channel before Bomb It 2 hits exclusively in 2 weeks.

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