“A.K.A” – A Bandana Art Show – Indianapolis

Bomit and Peel Magazine proudly present “A.K.A” – A Bandana Art Show – Indianapolis – Feb 1st 2008 at ALIAS GALLERY.

-Featuring the artwork Top Worldwide Street Artists on the canvas of Bandanas.

All of the remaining unsold works from the very successful Houston Show will be featured along with new submissions.

We have an open call to all Street Artists on now.

Please send in your submissions to:

Dave Combs % Alias / PEEL
1043 Virginia Ave, Ste 4
Indianapolis IN 46203

*Yes, the deadline for submissions and the date for the Show Opening are the same so please get your artwork in by February 1st. If we like it then it will be pinned up at The Show and put up for sale.

70% / 30% Artist / Venue split.

Any questions should be directed to Z James: z@bomit.com

For more info visit: www.bomit.com/aka.htm

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