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Shepard Fairey’s Studio Tagged with Anti-ACORN Graffiti

By Garance Franke-Ruta So much for HOPE. That, at least, is the symbolic message sent by an anti-ACORN activist or group that targeted Studio Number One in Los Angeles, the commercial design studio of Obama HOPE poster creator Shepard Fairey, … Continue reading

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Likely prison sentence for graffiti artist, Shepard Fairey, stokes debate

www.boston.com: When graffiti artist Shepard Fairey was arrested for vandalism in February, the charges sparked furious debate around Boston about the sometimes blurry line between art and crime. At about the same time, and with considerably less fanfare, another graffiti … Continue reading

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Subject: Metropolis Art Prize win US $20,000 Entry closes October 18th!

THE WORLD’S BIGGEST ART SHOW NEEDS YOU! Babelgum Metropolis is looking for the globe’s best and edgiest artists to win US $20,000 and have their work shown on giant advertising screens in Times Square, the neon heart of New York … Continue reading

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Fans in the Netherlands, make sure to check out some special BOMB IT screenings at the Architecture Film Festival. The AFFR takes place at the Cinerama in Rotterdam, Westblaak 18, 3012KL, Rotterdam. The opening night and the Jane Jacobs program … Continue reading

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Graffiti Artists Vie For Trip to Prague

By Ksenia Galouchko / Special to The Moscow Times Heating units, which regulate heating in the city, can be found in most courtyards and are usually squat, drab, utilitarian buildings with little architectural value. The only people attracted to the … Continue reading

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