Bomb It Press from South Africa Mail&Guardian

Bomb It Directed by John Reiss (US, 2007) Bomb It is a frenetically edited feature-length whiz through the global graffiti scenes, starting in Philadelphia, the apparent birthplace of the art form. In this film, which boldly tries to encapsulate the history of graffiti and make a political case for it, the myth of spray-can art’s New York origins are immediately shattered by the introduction of Cornbread, a little-known progenitor of the form who even did time for painting on an elephant in a Philadelphia zoo. Produced and directed by John Reiss (who has also made a film on rave culture), Bomb It is extensive in its sweep, briskly covering various styles (such as freestyle graffiti), even featuring interviews with Cape Town veterans like Falco and Faith 47 who shed light on the dynamics of pursuing the form in the developing world.
It is brimming with entertaining anecdotes and insightful quotes by pioneers such as Stay High 149, Pink and T-Kid, but is disingenuous to the anti-graffiti lobby who are simply buried under an avalanche of non-stop self-righteous rhetoric from writers who even paint on private property. — Kwanele Sosibo

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